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16. Autoimmune: How To Make Fitness Work For Your Body, Not Against It

April 29, 2020

It's not all in your head.  Your body doesn't respond to fitness programming like someone without autoimmune.  

While personal trainers and group fitness experts do their best to train you in a way that should work to give you an athletic look, often times it's just too much stress for your body.  Your hormones get out of whack and your fitness program doesn't do what you expect it to.  All your hard work and dedication results in disappointment.

Today, I share with you how I personally train clients (myself included) who have autoimmune.  I lay the groundwork for why I do what I do...and then give I you all the goods.  Remember, this is a starting point.  There is a lot of lifestyle coaching and adjustment that goes into getting results with an autoimmune issue.  It can be done, it just takes committing to never give up and educating yourself on how your body works best.

You can learn how to make fitness shape your body...let's get started.


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